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Keeping you safe

Keeping you safe

We know safety is important, and it is important that you know how we are keeping you safe.

We have 20 high rise blocks of flats, and on site in these blocks we will be sharing summarised fire risk assessments, the date of the next fire risk assessment, and the dates of other safety checks. There will also be useful information about checking fire doors and about keeping Together Housing informed about your safety needs.

These 20 high rise blocks of flats are listed below.

  • St Albans Court
  • St Michaels Court
  • Trinity Court
  • Akroyd Court
  • Haley Court
  • Range Court
  • Houghton Towers
  • Jumples Court
  • Mixenden Court
  • Ladstone Towers
  • Shaw Lodge
  • Castlegate House
  • Church House
  • Albion Court
  • Lister Court
  • St James Court
  • Talbot House
  • Towngate House
  • Ebor House
  • Harold Lambert Court

Below, you can find how we are performing at carrying out compliance obligations such as conducting gas safety checks, asbestos checks, and lift checks.

The performance information for carrying out compliance obligations is not available yet. Check back here in August 2020 when the information will be ready.

For further information, please see;