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Openness and transparency

Being transparent means we are open and honest with you. We publish important information in a clear and transparent way, so that you can scrutinise how we work; it helps us improve how we do things but also means you can be confident we’re running our business the right way.

Below you can find information about how we are performing at providing services to our residents and useful information about how we are run.

Transparency principles

  • We recognise the need to be accountable to our residents and key stakeholders*
  • We will provide meaningful information about how we are run and how we are performing
  • We will provide information in a clear, simple and accessible way on our website and in other formats if required
  • We will meet any requirements as set out by law and the Regulator of Social Housing
  • We will respond to any requests for information in a timely manner
  • We may refuse to provide information if it is personal, commercially confidential or not cost effective.

*A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in something. This means partners in local and central government such as MPs and Councillors, employees, former Board members, suppliers, investors, and the communities within which we operate.

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