Green Vale Homes in talks over forming a new group

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Green Vale Homes in talks over forming a new group image 2


The Trans-Pennine Housing Group which consists of Pennine Housing 2000 and Green Vale Homes are aiming for partnership with Prospect Homes & Chevin Housing Groups.

Over the last 12 months, we have been in discussions with other housing associations in the region to see if anyone would be interested in forming a larger partnership with Trans-Pennine Housing Group.
At a special board meeting members of Green Vale Homes and Pennine Housing 2000 Boards agreed to enter into formal negotiations to develop a partnership with Prospect Homes Group and Chevin Housing Group.
Who are our potential partners?
Chevin Housing Group was formed in 2001 and consists of Chevin Housing Association Ltd and Harewood Housing Society Ltd, plus Synergy Housing Solutions. The Group manages 6,400 rented and 1,650 leasehold homes which includes 750 private sector flats, and operates across Yorkshire and the Humber, North Nottinghamshire and the North West.
• Chevin, the parent company owns, manages and maintains the Group's rented homes

• Harewood Housing Society Ltd manages and maintains the Group's leasehold properties and also provides a management service to private sector leaseholders. 

• Synergy Housing Solutions Ltd is a regionally-based development partnership of associations with Chevin Housing Group as the lead partner for delivery of the development programme. Chevin operate across Yorkshire and the Humber, North Nottinghamshire and the North West.
Prospect Homes Group consists of two partner housing associations both based in East Lancashire; Housing Pendle and Twin Valley Homes, the Prospect Homes Group manages over 12,000 homes and over 15,000 tenancies across Blackburn, Darwen, Pendle and Colne.  Committed to building sustainable communities, the two award winning partner housing associations provide 'homes to be proud of'.
Why them?
All companies feel that ‘on paper’ at least they are a good fit – sharing similar cultures, aspirations and long-term goals.
We are all near neighbours, and each of us has a strong affinity with the regions in which we operate. We also have a shared appetite for generating efficiencies to re-direct resources into new opportunities and deliver better services.
Why are we doing this?
The current economic climate presents all businesses and public sector organisations with real challenges. At the same time, we are under a lot of pressure to improve estate environments, meet the new Tenants Services Authority requirements, and build more affordable homes. This will be easier if we share the expertise and resources of others.
Here are just some examples

• We may be able to get better funding deals with bigger partners, both from banks and the Homes and Communities Agency.

• We could look at the possibilities of increasing our property portfolio through private lettings agencies, using the expertise of Chevin and Harewood, who are also experts in leasehold management.

• We could use the expertise Synergy has in development, and complex funding streams like PFI to compliment our own expertise.

• Trans Pennine has built homes with high eco standards and can share this knowledge with others.

• Look at shared control centre services over a wider group - possibilities for expansion to generate economies of scale and efficiencies to put into front line services.
What’s the timetable?
If all goes smoothly, we are aiming to form a new group in April 2011. This will be a “washing line” structure, with Green Vale Homes,Pennine Housing 2000, Chevin, Harewood, and Synergy all retaining their names, boards and separate identity, but reporting into a new group. 

What will it mean for customers?
Our staff will still be delivering local services to local people. We will use this opportunity to learn from others and continue to improve our services to tenants.
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